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我们正处于招生季节的中心, 我想向我们出色的学生导游们致敬. 在大多数日子里, I greet prospective students and families on tours in the hallway outside my office and get to listen as they walk around the second floor. 我听到我们的导游在谈论我们的课程, 课堂讨论, 作业的期望, 布类, 上大学的过程. 我听到他们以清晰、坦率和幽默的方式提出问题并回答问题. The experience 智慧h these tour guides is often a major reason for a family’s decision to join 在线博彩公司 – moved by the tour guides’ maturity, 独立, 体贴, 智慧, 思维敏捷性, 渴望成为一所充满像他们这样的学生的学校的一员. 这是我们的学生延续我们努力培养的善良、好奇文化的一种方式. 父母也发挥了作用. 我经常听到... 更多的

在线博彩公司机器人团队代表参加MA 阀杆周启动活动

周一, 10月16日, 波士顿大学学院的机器人团队, Lobstah Bots, represented 在线博彩公司 at the MA 阀杆 Week Kickoff event hosted by 波士顿大学 at the Center for Computing & 数据科学. 在这次活动中,马萨诸塞州Lt. Governor Kim Driscoll; Massachusetts Secretary of Education Dr. Patrick Tutwiler; and 波士顿大学 Provost ad interim Dr. 肯尼斯·Lutchen. 在开球仪式上, the 在线博彩公司 robotics team demonstrated one of their robots as part of the 阀杆 exhibits on display, and also met 智慧h New England FIRST robotics director Michael Fantom and a reporter from WBZ radio. 龙虾队队长乔治·巴尔图斯说, "We were really happy for the opportunity to attend the event and continue to find more new ways to contribute to our Boston community!" A collaboration of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Education and the 阀杆 Advisory Council, 阀杆周是全州范围内的年度活动,旨在促进科学技术的发展... 更多的

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10月5日, 我们迎来了近150名北华大学的家长和监护人参加我们的首次学校状况活动. It was a beautiful moment of connection – families from over 50 cities and towns enjoying the company of the teachers who are folk heroes around their dinner tables and other parents whose children they hear so much about.  我们很高兴能把这变成一年一度的传统. 请欣赏这些活动的照片. 我讲了一个我最近和一位北航毕业生的父母通电话的故事. She was telling me about her daughter’s experience in 大学 – adjusting to a new environment and navigating her newfound 独立. I was telling her about our three-year-old’s first few weeks at school – getting used to the routine, 了解他的老师, 交朋友. 最后,我们都达成了共识:我们想要的东西... 更多的


Thirty-seven percent of the 波士顿大学学院 Class of 2024 received recognition in the 69th annual National Merit Scholarship Program 竞争. The 竞争 荣誉 the nation’s scholastic champions and recognizes exceptional academic promise in high school seniors nationwide. 20名现任北航大四学生被评为国家优秀学生. 在这20位获奖学者中, 六名北航高年级学生被评为全国优秀半决赛选手, 在所有参加比赛的美国高中毕业生中名列前1%. / (1.在21世纪有300万青少年,000 high schools entered the 2024 National Merit Scholarship Program by taking the 2022 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). 全国范围内的半决赛选手包括每个州得分最高的选手. 半决赛选手将有机会争夺2个席位中的一个,500国家功绩$25,000年奖学金. 国家优秀奖学金入围者名单将于2024年2月公布.  One member of the 在线博彩公司 Class of 2025 received College Board National Recognition Program 荣誉 by scoring in... 更多的

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I noticed one of our students holding the door for her classmates on several occasions during our opening days. 她毫不张扬,毫不犹豫地做了这件事. 每个过门的人都说谢谢. 然后他们中的一个人把守着隔壁的门,让走廊那边的人守着. 我喜欢想象这种扶着门的行为是会传染的,而且会持续一整天! 每当我看到一个小小的善意的时刻——扶着门, 捡起一块垃圾, showing a visitor where to go – I make sure to take the student aside and thank them for doing the right thing. 这样的小时刻会激励社区中的其他人. 他们传播快乐. And, most importantly, those habits build character – which, in the end, is what we care most about.


上周的一天早上,我和三位高年级学生一起走出了在线博彩公司大楼, 每个人都在去往波士顿大学不同班级的路上. 一个人去上历史课:魔法、科学和宗教. She was finding it fascinating and contrasted her reaction to that of many of her BU classmates, 谁承认选修这门课是为了满足核心要求. 另一个学生正在去上美国文学课的路上, which he described as a great opportunity to build on the novels he had read last year in his 在线博彩公司 English course. The third was bounding off to Cosmology; she shared that the course made things tough on her schedule, 自从它回到了足球训练中, 但是材料太有趣了,不容错过! Our mission describes 在线博彩公司 as a place where students can “explore adventurously the wider world of learning at Boston... 更多的


去年, we formed a committee – led by students and including several members of the 教师 – to generate ideas for how to improve the senior experience, 智慧h a particular focus on encouraging senior connections 智慧h younger students and 智慧h life in the 在线博彩公司 building. 该小组提出了三条建议, 所有这些都得到了落实:举办一场高级务虚会, which took place on Thompson Island in late August for some early bonding before a busy fall; bringing much-needed new furniture into the Junior-Senior Common Room; and designating the Quiet Study Room, 以前对所有学生开放, as a place for juniors and seniors to work between 布类 rather than going to the BU library and other spaces up and down Comm. 大街. 都在工作! 尽管是雨天, 静修的气氛是积极而有趣的, 这种情况一直持续到9月份. 我们看到... 更多的

“关于成绩和心态”:校长Chris Kolovos在开学典礼上的讲话

9月5日, 2023, 波士顿大学学院院长克里斯·科洛沃斯欢迎学生, 教师, 并带着以下言论“关于成绩和心态”回到学校.你可以观看奥巴马先生的完整录音. Kolovos的ASM评论在这个链接. **** 早上好. 很高兴今天见到大家. 我谨代表全体教职员工,欢迎大家来到波士顿大学学院第31个年头.  特别欢迎我们的新同学. You are impressive individuals, but what binds you together is your curiosity and your kindness. 这也是你和我们所有人的联系. 你让我们变得更好,我们很高兴你在这里.  对2024届毕业生的特别欢迎. 你的凝聚力和包容性赢得了良好的声誉. That was on full display at the senior retreat, where I watched your friend groups mix and morph... 更多的


随着夏天的逝去,空气中弥漫着返校的气息, we are wishing our most recent graduates the very best of luck as they embark on the next step of their journeys at 大学 and beyond. 正如你从下面令人印象深刻的入学名单中看到的那样, 在线博彩公司 2023届毕业生的未来将充满惊喜. Watch out, world -- these talented, passionate, determined young people are ready to make their mark. 致我们的新校友:我们为你们感到无比骄傲. 保持联系, 给我们寄张你冒险的明信片, and don’t forgot to stop by for a visit when you’re in town — you’ll always have a home at 在线博彩公司. 在线博彩公司 2023届毕业生将于今年秋季就读以下院校: 巴纳德学院 本特利大学 波士顿学院 波士顿大学(11) 布朗大学 布林莫尔学院 加州大学伯克利分校 加州大学圣地亚哥分校 卡内基梅隆大学(2) 芝加哥大学 康奈尔大学... 更多的

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